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Practical Guide of Physical Education by Georges Hébert

English translation of Georges Hébert's book “Guide pratique d'éducation physique” (1912 Edition) made by Pilou and Gregg. It is avaible to read here

Georges Hébert "Quadrupédie"

A short translation of the book is currently being made by Pilou, and can be found on his blog

Old Forum about Méthode Naturelle

Not anymore active forum from Hawaii about Méthode Naturelle and natural movement itself, contains lots of interesting topics and useful posts. The Website.

Facebook groups

Georges Hébert's Méthode Naturelle group with approx. 300 members can be found here

Interview with Erwan Le Corre

Years bevor Erwan startet MovNat he was known as 'Héberstiste' at forum and responded to different questions by other users. Read here